Portofino Boat Tours

Get inspired by our selection of luxury boats designed for chartering with captain in Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino.
If you can't find the right boat,send us an inquiry with your needs and we'll tap into our unrivaled network of suppliers to find your best option.

Half or full day boat tour

Enjoy a jaw-dropping sightseeing tour from the comfort of your own private boat! Explore the awe-inspiring coastline of Portofino, Camogli, San Fruttuoso, Punta Chiappa and Cala dell’Oro (the ‘’Cove of Gold’’ where pirates are said to have sunk their gold!!)
Pick the perfect spot to stop and have cool down in the clear blue waters that are full of marine life. You just may catch a glimpse of the Christ of the Abyss, a statue that is placed on the floor of the sea in the bay of San Fruttuoso.
Without a doubt the best way to see Portofino and the area around it!!

Cinque Terre full day boat tours available on request.

Portufin, Ligurian Gozzo

From 1943 this is the typical Ligurian wooden boat.

Length: 8.3m / 27.2ft

Guests: 5

Price from 350 Euro per half day – 600 Euro per full day


Motorboat with cushions, boat awning, fresh water shower, towels, masks for snorkeling, soft drinks.

Length: 8.65m / 28.3ft

Guests: 5

Price from 450 Euro per half day – 800 Euro per full day

Lunatica, Alson

Gommone with sun awing, Icebox, Radio Cd. Soft drinks, wine and snacks included.

Length: 8m / 26.4ft

Guests: 5

Price from 650 Euro per half day – 850 Euro per full day


Motorboat with bow cabin and dinette. Cushions, boat awning, mini-bar with soft drinks.

Length: 8.70m / 28.5ft

Guests: 5

Price from 700 Euro per half day – 1.300 Euro per full day


Spite is a comfortable boat for small families; the aft deck includes a hatch that leads our guests to the swimming platform and ladder, for easy boarding and dives into the sea. Cushions, boat awning, mini-bar with soft drinks.

Length: 9.9m / 31.7ft

Guests: 5

Price from 950 Euro per half day – Price from 1.300 Euro per full day

Chris Craft

USA open yacht with sun awing, stereo, fridge and soft drinks.

Length: 9.50m / 31.2ft

Guests: 5

Price from 1.100 Euro per half day – 1.500 Euro per full day


Open yacht with one cabin with toilet, spacious sun awing

Length: 10m / 32.8ft

Guests: 6

Price from 1.200 Euro per half day – 1.700 Euro per full day


Vices is a boat suitable for couples and families with the two large sunbathing areas located both at the foredeck and aft deck. Cushions, boat awning, mini-bar with soft drinks.

Length: 9.9m / 31.7ft

Guests: 6

Price from 1.700 Euro per full day

Sins III

Enjoy the sea in total relaxation on one of the spacious sundecks located on the foredeck. The aft deck allows easy boarding and diving into the sea for a relaxing swim. One cabin, cushions, boat awning, mini-bar with soft drinks.

Length: 14m / 44.9ft

Guests: 6

Price from 2.300 Euro per full day

Riva Aquarama

Luxury wooden speedboat is more than a boat, it is a myth. Considered the Rolls Royce of the sea. From the Sixties it is a nautical legend. Soft drinks and premium wine included.

Length: 8.78m / 32.8ft

Guests: 6

Price from 2.200 Euro per half day – 2.800 Euro per full day

Oxy, Seacube 43

Spacious and innovative teak design motorboat with cabin and outdoor table.

Length: 14m / 45ft

Guests: 6

Price from 2.800 Euro per full day

Itama Forty

Live the unique comfort of navigation. Two huge sundecks, large living room, double cabin with air conditioning and bathroom.

Length: 13.5m / 44ft

Guests: 10

Price from 2.500 Euro per full day

Ego, Riva 68

A reinterpretation of the open concept: 3 cabins with 3 bathrooms, a large swimming platform, bow and stern sun beds

Length: 21m / 68.8ft

Guests: 12

Price from 4.500 Euro per full day

Avanti, Itama 55

The undisputed queen of yachts, a luxury motor-yacht that provides outstanding performance and large outdoor spaces. 3 cabins with 3 bathrooms

Length: 19m / 62ft

Guests: 10

Price from 4.900 Euro per full day

All prices are in Euro and do not include VAT and taxes