Street Food Lesson in Rapallo


Street food today is glam, gourmet and trendy! It’s the new icon for the third millennium. Do you know that Liguria is one of the ‘inventor’ of this smart way of enjoying food? Come on and be ready to learn the basis of a renewed tradition.


  • Learn to made Liguria classic dishes
  • Paper ‘cono’-to-go with Arancini, Panissa, Frisceu and Anchovies
  • Acquire local knowledge about Liguria culture and traditions
  • Perfect for the couples and families looking for something new to try

What's Included

  • Hands on cooking lesson with a top chef
  • ‘Cono’-to-go with drink

What to Expect

Tasting the street food is an essential part of experiencing the diversity of the traditional receipts of Italy.
Be proud of cooking some of the oldest and tastiest dishes in the Ligurian tradition: Frisceu, savoury salty pancakes enriched with herbs, chickpea Panissa and Arancini, round and plump orange hued, deep fried rice balls. The exterior is light and crispy with creamy soft heart. They will be served together with fried anchovies in a ready-to-go ‘crazy’ paper cone. It’s Liguria street food!
This lesson takes place in the morning in a gourmet restaurant situated in the historic old city center of Rapallo. A totally hands-on and new learning experience!

Starting Time / Location

At 10:30 a.m. / Rapallo City Center


1.5 hours

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